Competitive Programs

We offer a variety of competitive programs if your child is interested in taking their dance to the next level! Check out what competitive dance programs we have to offer your child below.

Fresh Groove

Students will focus on various styles style of Hip Hop & will take 4 hours of dance a week which will educate your child in various styles of hip hop and choreography for competition. Fresh Groove is available for ages 5 & up. Fresh Groove will perform at 3 different competitions on the island and at the year end recital.

Rising Star

Students ages 5 to 7 will take 6 dance classes a week which will be jazz, ballet, hip hop , tap, lyrical, and jumps and turns. Students will compete 3 different styles of dance at 3 competitions on the island and learn new routines for the year end recital. This program will prepare them for advanced, competitive team known as Showteam.

Performance Team

Each student ages 9 and up will have 4 classes per week: jazz, ballet, choreography class, and a dance class of their of their choice. Students will compete one jazz routine at 3 different dance competitions on the island and perform new routines at the year end recital. This program is designed for any dancers looking for a challenge.


Our award winning dance team for dancers ages 8 and up, is where students learn and compete various styles of dance such as jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap, lyrical, and more! Students have the opportunity to compete at numerous competitions and conventions, both within B.C. and in the USA. Please speak with our front desk for more information about this program. Auditions are held in June of each year.