Dance Classes and Competitive Programs

Check out our new & exciting dance classes & programs for the upcoming 2021 – 2022 Dance Season. We are ready to get you moving in our positive, fun, and energetic dance environment! Our accomplished and professional instructors make moving your body FUN! We provide an array of dance styles to choose from such as jazz, hip hop, lyrical, tap, ballet, boys only hip hop and acro dance . 8 week programs are available for kids ages 3 to 4 in classes such as Disney Dance and Hip Hop Hooray. We also offer adult classes (ages 19 & up) in the styles of Hip Hop & Lyrical. Full Year Programs are available for students ages 5 to adult. Full year students are given the opportunity to perform in a year end production at the Tidemark Theatre in June.


Jazz Dance

The jazz dance curriculum incorporates elements of classical technique (ballet) into jazz dance format and styles. The progressive jazz syllabus is composed of levels in accordance to the dancer’s ability. This grade system is based on the jazz styles of today and defines the skills fro warm-up, injury prevention, progressions across the floor, dance combinations, and dance vocabulary. Jazz classes are offered for ages 5 & up.

Hip Hop Dance

This popular style of dance is a way of life. The movement expresses the latest trends in music such as R&B, rap, pop, electro, and mainstream. This class will focus on various styles of hip hop, i.e. popping, locking, breaking, krump, house, stomp, freestyle, animation, and many more. Hip hop moves and technique have inspired the youth today in regards to music, fashion, and TV shows. Hip Hop classes are offered to ages 3 & up.

Ballet Dance

As a ballet dancer, you will develop the major and most important dance skills of your training. You will be an athlete with a sense of grace and style and will learn the basic fundamentals of dance. The ballet syllabus is a highly structured class and provides warm-up exercises at the barre. This will also include Adagio work and intense exercises that develop strength, stamina, grace, and performance. Ballet classes are offered to ages 3 & up.

Tap Dance

Tap classes are based on a syllabus from pre-preliminary through grade 9. This program offers tap technique, a vast knowledge of tap vocabulary, and is an incredible building block to personal style. Tap classes are offered to students ages 5 & up.

Boys Only Hip Hop Dance

A yearly program of hip hop for young males focusing on strength, stamina, rhythm, and flexibility. In this class, males will learn b-boy style incorporated with stalls and freezes, along with various masculine styles such as krump and stomp. Boys only Hip Hop classes are offered to males ages 5 & up.

Adult Classes

You are never too old to stop dancing! We offer both Hip Hop and Lyrical adult classes. . All our adult classes are full year programs. Drop-in classes are available. Adult Hip Hop is a competitive program where the student performs and competes a dance competition.

Acro Dance

This is a full year program that will focus on flexibility and strength. Fundamentals of flips, tumbling, & tricks will be taught throughout the season. Acro Dance is a combination of gymnastics & dance that will develop a child’s core strength & coordination. Acro Dance is available for ages 6 & up.

Lyrical Dance

Lyrical dance is a dance style that blends jazz and ballet together. Known for its fluid movement and strong emotional content, lyrical dance focuses on telling a story with movement to a slow ballad song. Powerful, expressive songs are often used in lyrical dance to give the dancer the chance to express a range of strong emotions through their movement. Lyrical classes are offered to students ages 5 & up.

8 Week Programs - Disney Dance & Hip Hop Hooray

Our 8 week programs are a perfect way to introduce the wonderful art of dance to your child! We offer classes for boys and girls ages 3 to 4, such as Disney Dance (Ballet) and Hip Hop Hooray (Hip Hop). Each class is ran once a week and is broken down into 4 sessions that run throughout the year.

Save time and energy by downloading a registration form. Once downloaded, you can print it and fill it out to sign your child up for their desired 8 week class or classes. Please note our front desk hours of operation are Monday – Thursday from 3:30pm to 8pm. To download a 8 week registration form, click here.

Disney Dance

This 8 week program teaches the young dancer basic elements of space, movement, directions, and elementary ballet positions. It will also create a foundation to self-awareness, creative expression, imagination, teamwork, and basic body and heath awareness. Disney Dance classes are offered to boys & girls ages 3-4.

Hip Hop Hooray

This class is an 8 week program that focuses on the basics of hip hop movement. Musicality, rhythm, and grooving are the primary focuses for this program. Mini Fresh Groove dance classes are offered to girls and boys ages 3-4.